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Best Divorce Lawyer in Detroit

So who is the best divorce lawyer in Detroit Michigan? 

It’s a trick question. No one knows who is the best divorce lawyer in Detroit. 

And in any event, different divorce lawyers will be better at different types of family law matters. Some divorce lawyers will be better than others on child custody disputes. Some divorce lawyers will be better at property and debt division. Other divorce attorneys may be better at divorce mediation or negotiation.

 Your real goal here is to look for the best Detroit divorce lawyer for YOU and your specific case!

How do you do that when ALL local Detroit divorce lawyers look alike?

They all have the same cookie-cutter websites that claim the lawyer is “compassionate,” “aggressive,” a “good listener” and “will treat your case like it was his.” They just claim whatever self-praise nonsense they think you want to hear.

None of them proves a thing. “Please hire me. I’m a great guy.” is not a good divorce lawyer marketing strategy.  You should not fall for it.

So what to do? Look at how a Detroit divorce lawyer handles his or her own business. You know their own law practice businesses are important to them.

In fact, they will consider their own businesses as more important than your case. That will be true of all lawyers, and probably should be. However, it makes sense that the way they will handle your case will be similar to the way they handle their own divorce law practices. 

So if you are looking for a bold, creative, savvy, aggressive, competitive problem solver to handle your Detroit divorce or other family law matter, why not pick one that has proved those things to you? Show me, don’t tell me.

Why not pick the one single Detroit divorce lawyer who was smart enough to lock out all other local divorce lawyers by securing for his or her divorce practice the best family law brand in the whole world.  How smart is that? Only one divorce lawyer in Detroit has the 1-800-DIVORCE brand and phone number.

And that’s Advanta Law, PLC!!]

1-800-DIVORCE brings him more divorce cases at a lower cost than any other kind of marketing. That enables him to be the best divorce lawyer for you in Detroit because he handles more divorce, and therefore is better at it, and does so at a lower cost than any other Detroit divorce lawyer.

Isn’t that the best divorce lawyer for you in Detroit? Isn’t that the best divorce lawyer to handle your case?

Unlike other Detroit divorce lawyers who just talk and make unprovable claims, Advanta Law, PLC has PROVED its competitiveness to you without saying a single word.

Oh yeah. And You’ll NEVER Forget Your Detroit Divorce Lawyer’s Phone Number!

Advanta Law, PLC

Divorce and other family law services are also available through 1-800-DIVORCE in: Fort Wayne, Hamtramck, Highland Park, Grosse Pointe Park, Dearborn, Melvindale, Lincoln Park, Harper Woods, Hazel Park, Wyandotte as well as in Detroit.

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4 Ways 1-800-DIVORCE Finds You the Best Divorce Lawyer in Detroit

Reduces the Clutter of Lawyers

Google My Business lists 112 Detroit divorce lawyers. Avvo lists 60.  Yelp has 82.So how does that help you? You spin the roulette wheel on Google/Bing. Then you have to spin the same wheel again on one of those lawyer-finder platforms!

Avoids Jack-of-all-Trades Lawyers

The majority of Detroit lawyers will have ONLY a “jack-of-all-trades” website. On that site, they list divorce, drunk driving, estate planning, bankruptcy, criminal defense, personal injury and anything else they think will eventually make them a buck. “Hey, we do a little bit of everything, you know?”

Avoids Expensive Pay-Per-Click Lawyers

Many divorce attorneys in Detroit pay Avvo, Google, Yelp, Legal Zoom and many other lead-gen platforms to rank their paid ads higher in searches. They all bid up the cost of getting your case. That means whenever you hire one of those divorce attorneys, you pay Avvo’s or Google’s fee. The divorce attorney doesn’t pay that cost. YOU PAY IT IN HIGHER FEES !!

Allows You To Play the Referral Game

Divorce referrals are good for everyone. The friend or colleague getting your referral has a good idea about how a lawyer will perform from someone who already knows. You get the satisfaction of helping a friend in need. And referral business is GOLD to divorce lawyers. It is the business they don't pay anything to get. But they have to do a good job to get their former client's referral business. And those former clients must have a way to get their referrals to the lawyer.

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